SPOTSYLVANIA, Va.  –  According to a report from, “Spotsylvania County is trying a new tactic to round up child support scofflaws — putting their names and pictures on pizza delivery boxes.”

The article said the program will hopefully deter those parents who are falling behind on their child support payments. It also will act as a catch-all on criminals who have failed to pay.

“They might want to pay it before they get their names on pizza boxes,” said Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith in the report.

The article stated: “Spotsylvania resident Leslie Sorkhe proposed the idea. Sorkhe is starting a local nonprofit group called Child Support Link, which aims to enforce child support.”

Sorkhe said in the report that the idea came from an Ohio Police department that was doing something similar. “She knows Smith and decided to pitch the idea to him. Smith said he doesn’t know of a similar program elsewhere in Virginia,” the report said.

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