DaViola Gourmet Pizza Peppers Add Kick, Health Benefits to America’s Favorite Food

The ready-to-use chile pepper flakes are now available across the US
Smoky Chipotle.  Spicy Ancho.  Hot Habanero.  No, it‚s not taco night; it‚s pizza night with DaViola Gourmet Pizza Peppers.  This unique blend of chile peppers creates a fiesta of flavors and a healthier topping option for the 93 percent of Americans who eat at least one pizza every month. 

DaViola peppers are an all-natural blend of peppers and are free of salt, fat, additives and preservatives.  They were created by a busy working mom who wanted to have the convenience of serving frozen pizza without sacrificing unique and gourmet flavors.  Finding that regular chile pepper flakes weren‚t doing the trick, she developed a line that would add smoky, spicy, and hot pizzazz to the dinner table.

“Busy families will appreciate the convenience and spunk our peppers add to their pizza and other everyday foods,” said DaViola CEO and creator Denise Walters.  “Our gourmet chile peppers are poised to do the same thing that happened to iodized salt – take a common but loved flavor and give it a gourmet twist. It used to be you could only find iodized salt on grocery store shelves. Now you can find a huge selection of gourmet salts in all textures and flavors.”

These tasty peppers not only add a flavorful kick to everyday foods, they also pack a healthy punch. Chile peppers derive their spicy heat–as well as extraordinary anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer, heart-healthy effects–from very high levels of capsaicinoids, the most common form of which is capsaicin. In addition to capsaicin, chilies are high in antioxidant carotenes and flavonoids, and contain about twice the amount of vitamin C found in citrus fruits.

DaViola Gourmet Chili Peppers are now available throughout the US in Albertsons, Kroger, and Supervalu stores, and on Amazon.com grocery. They come in both convenient 12 gram packets (MSPR is $2.99) and 80 gram shaker bottles (MSRP $6.99).  They are a brand of Everything Peppers LLC.


DaViola, a brand of Everything Peppers LLC, brings gourmet chile pepper flavors to the pizza market. DaViola Original Pizza Peppers are all-natural blends of flavorful chile flakes ˆ Spicy Ancho, Smoky Chipotle, and Hot Habanero.  The premium blends are salt free and fat free, and have no additives and no preservatives.  Since the chilies are ready-to-use flakes, it is easy to add fantastic flavor and spicy heat to pizza, pasta, soups, dips, dressings, and much more.  To find out more about DaViola, visit the company website at www.daviola.com.

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