Dan Marino Helps Deliver Pizza Franchise to Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Sun, “Dan Marino is hoping to score a touchdown in the Las Vegas restaurant market.”

“The former Miami Dolphins quarterback is the star investor in a Florida-based pizza franchise and, in a Hail Mary move of sorts, the chain opened its first Las Vegas location this summer. Marino was in town on Wednesday to attend Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza’s grand opening event at Town Square. ‘This is the first time I’ve been here,’ the 48-year-old NFL legend said as he stood out front of the bustling restaurant. ‘It’s beautiful here,’ he said, smiling as his gaze panned across the premium retail complex. ‘The whole place is really nice.’ Marino became an investor in Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza after befriending restaurateur Anthony Bruno. The two met back when Marino was just starting his NFL career as a rookie Dolphin.”