Dakota Prairie’s Expands Product Line

Dakota Prairie is the manufacturer of flours and baking mixes. Utilizing separate facilities, they offer both gluten free and gluten flours, mixes and many packaging options.  As a customer driven business they will costume mill, blend and package to your specs as well as offer private label packaging.

Dakota Prairie produce""s the highest quality organic flours made from the finest grains.  Visit www.dakota-prairie.com and pick one of many wonderful flours with the protein that will you need.  If you require a specific blend or a low ash flour, Dakota Prairie is willing and able to manufacture the flour or mix of flours and grains you want with the ash and protein level you desire.

With a surging demand for gluten-free, Dakota Prairie offers a dedicated and certified gluten free facility where we can mill the grain, mix the products and package the product all within the confines of the same facility.  This saves costs and reduces contamination risk, which saves you money and time.  They offer flours in bulk or retail, excellent pre-mixes, or they will mix and package your recipe in your own private label bag.

With 37 different gluten-free baking mixes Dakota Prairie has an ideal line-up for the food service industry.  Their Gluten-Free All Purpose flour can be used as a direct substitute for the gluten flour in most recipes.  This gives any food service company the ability to take their award-winning recipe and service it to gluten intolerant customers.  You will find it challenging to tell the difference between Dakota Prairie’s gluten-free Angle Food Cake and non gluten-free Angle Food Cake.  Visit booth 7274 or their website. www.dakota-prairie.com to see their complete line of gluten-free baking mixes.

Packaging consists of everything from a retail package, to a 50 lb bag, to a 220,000 lb pneumatic rail car.  Dakota Prairie also works with their customer and the farmers to plan for the supply chain for the crop year.

Dakota Prairie has an internal lab to test the characteristics of the flour.   Within the lab they test all gluten-free raw grains when received, the flours during production and all products during packaging.  In addition, a cumulative sample of the final product is sent to an external lab to verify the product passes gluten-free specifications of their customers.

 The plant is certified Gluten-Free (in a dedicated gluten-free facility), USDA Organic, Japanese Organic, Europe Organic and Kosher.  The plant has a comprehensive HACCP plan and GMP’s.  AIB does an annual food safety audit; currently Dakota Prairie has Superior AIP recognition.

 For your flour and baking mix needs Dakota Prairie is your one-stop shop.  Contact Dakota Prairie on how to get their flours and baking mixes sales@dakota-prairie.com

or 701-324-4330; press 5401 for Chris or 5402 for Eric.