VANCOUVER, BC (June 8, 2010) From the beginning R&D for Daiya products there has been a
focus on supplying great tasting alternatives, with the best possible ingredients, that can be
enjoyed by everyone. Co-founders Andre and Greg set out to put the comfort food that
everyone loves such as pizza, lasagna, quesadillas, and mac‘n’cheese back on to everyone’s
dinner tables.

Daiya Foods is continuing this effort by supporting events and organizations that bring
awareness to food allergies, while shedding light on the surrounding issues and possible
milestone solutions.

In the coming weeks Daiya is sponsoring the below great events in which they have partnered
with other organizations in the battle against the growing food allergy dilemma;
Camp Westminster – Every child deserves a chance to attend summer camp but with a serve
food allergy this can be impossible for some kids. Camp Westminster in North Michigan on
beautiful Higgins Lake is making it possible. This year from June 20 – 26th they are hosting a
week of camping for kids with food related health issues. Daiya Foods is helping keep camp
costs down with product donations and Daiya dishes, from grilled cheese to lasagna, will be
served to the campers throughout the week. It will be the first time some children have ever
enjoyed cheese on their pizza and an opportunity for them to feel the experience of eating the
same meals as all the other campers.

National Food Allergy School Safety Assembly organized by The Eating & Educating, Living Life
Foundation (ELL – a nonprofit organization). This event sponsored by ELL and Daiya, is the first
of its kind launched to bring members in communities across America together to raise
awareness of the Food Allergy & Anaphylxis Management Act (FAAMA), so all schools can be
educated and can effectively foster safer learning environments for food allergic and
anaphylactic students. The event will feature leading experts and showcase product safety with
allergy friendly food.

For more information on Daiya Products or the events in this release please contact Kristen
Bourke at

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