Daiya Products a Trend in Vegan and Allergen Free Eating

VANCOUVER, BC (Oct 29th, 2010) – Generally, in the past when it came to vegan eating habits or items
for allergies suffers the meal focuses was on what’s missing, or the ingredients that you are “living
without”. Vegan foods have always had horrible image of being deprived of taste, and usability. Now
with the growing number of food allergies suffers, these eating patterns are becoming an essential part
of everyday for more and more people, not just their lifestyle choice but a necessity. Up to 50 million
Americans are lactose intolerance, and over 15 million follow a gluten free diet and everyone has had an
experience with a product that has left them skeptical.

Daiya products are changing this perception and paving the way to advance vegan and healthy -allergen
free eating. In the October 2010 issue of Vegetarian Time Daiya Cheddar Style Shreds was voted by
their readers 1st runner up in the “cheese (or not)” category. Daiya stood up to traditional cheese,
because it “melts so well, you’ll never know its vegan.” Daiya products have been privileged to win
variety of fan favorite awards from Vegnew product of the year and best in show, to a PETA Libby

Daiya products are not just growing dairy cooler selection, but have also helped to inspire other great
products. Amy’s Kitchen’s Vegan Rice Macaroni & Cheeze made with Daiya can be found in the frozen
section and is free from nothing when it comes to taste and quality. In a comparison test taste,
consumers never knew what it’s missing! The product is not only dairy free but gluten free, soy free and
vegan! The noodles are soft and tender, and the Daiya sauce is smooth and creamy with a rich flavor.

Amy’s Rice Noodle Mac and Cheeze was introduced to the US market last February at Expo West in
Anaheim, and with a overwhelming reception the Daiya team is excited Amy’s is now launching the
product into Canada (everyone deserves this convenient indulgence). A buzz in Canada was started
around the products at CHFA Expo in Toronto Oct 23rd and 24th; it will start to hit store shelves near you
throughout the remainder of 2010. A winner has been added to their already amazing product variety.
Keep an eye out for what might be next in 2011 (you never know you might see more Daiya).

Daiya Product information
Daiya products are a deliciously dairy free alternative that melt, taste and stretch like dairy based
cheese. Daiya is free of many of the common food allergens including; gluten, dairy, (casein and lactose),
soy (common to many other non-dairy cheese alternatives), egg, wheat, barley, whey, peanuts and tree
nuts (excluding coconut oil). Daiya products are free of animal products, cholesterol, trans fats, and
preservatives. To find out more visit