Cut waste and excess fat from your pizzas with StitZii box liners


Your customers love it when you save them calories, especially when you do it while delivering a hot and crispy pizza to their door. With the state-of-the-art StitZii, you can do both with a single box liner and do good for the environment to boot. Grease-absorbent on one side and grease-resistant on the other, StitZii keeps excess grease off the pizza and off the box while keeping the crust drier so you can deliver a healthier product in a box that can still be recycled. 

After six years of research and development, Bradley Farrell, Jennifer Stitz and Cristi Stitz are taking StitZii to the mainstream. “The market has never seen this kind of technology,” says Farrell. “There’s no plastic, which makes it compostable within 14 days [where composting is available], and it can knock significant amounts of fat off a pizza. It’s got a thermal quality that helps keep the pizza hot.”

With StitZii, you can keep the box you’re used to, knowing your pizza will arrive in great condition. Farrell adds, “Using a StitZii, you don’t have to change your recipe or how you currently cook your pie.”

The price is competitive for other types of liners on the market, but few can beat StitZii in their low environmental cost. “In the U.S. alone, 8.5 million pizzas are sold every day, and many of those come in boxes that end up in landfills,” Farrell notes. “The biggest challenge to recycling packaging in the food industry is fat, oil and grease, which render recyclables such as corrugated cardboard into a product that can no longer be reused or accepted by most cities’ recycling programs.”   

Not only will your customers feel good when they eat less fat, oil, sodium, calories, cholesterol, and carbohydrates thanks to StitZii, they will feel good recycling their pizza box. Customers can also use StitZii to crisp up leftover pizza in the microwave or oven, extending their positive experience of ordering from your store.  

If you want to deliver a pie that travels well, cut calories for your customers and contribute to a sustainable society in an easy way, StitZii is just what you’re looking for. Special with StitZii’s upcoming release to the market, they have enclosed a sample with this issue of PMQ. Try it yourself and see how it delivers—textured side up in the box. Fifty-count sample packs are also now available for order. Call 844-784-8944 or email to learn more!