TORONTO – The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) has launched an online guide to help foodservice operators prepare for a possible flu pandemic.  The guide can be viewed in full at (a French version of the guide is also available at
Developed by CRFA’s flu pandemic working group, the guide includes both an industry preparedness plan and a template that individual foodservice operators can use to help ensure business continuity.   
The industry preparedness plan focuses on broad issues such as food supply and transportation; health precautions and economic protections for foodservice employees; coordination with government agencies and departments; and communication strategies.  Practical tips for foodservice operators – such as arranging a higher limit on a business line of credit before a pandemic occurs, and considering alternative ways to deliver products to customers – are also included.
The business continuity portion of the guide is fully customizable and includes information and sample policies and forms to help operators address key business issues – from governance to financial sustainability to post-pandemic recovery.
As a “living document,” the online flu pandemic preparedness guide will be updated as needed to ensure its relevance and accuracy.  Future enhancements will include a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, to respond to operator questions.  Regular updates about the guide will be included in CRFA News Online, issued monthly by email.  To subscribe or to submit a question about pandemic planning, please complete the form at

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