• Owner/chef Dennis Williams has had big success with his unique crepe pizzas at Le Crepe in Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • The pizzas feature an ultra-thin crepe crust topped with various proteins and veggie toppings.

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If you think crepes are great, just wait until you try the crepe pizzas from Le Crepe in Royal Oak, Michigan.

At his cozy French bistro, owner/chef Dennis Williams has been reshaping the culinary landscape this fall with unique “pizzas” featuring a crepe crust instead of traditional pizza dough. The result is an ultra-thin, pancake-like crust piled with a variety of meat and veggie toppings.

In an interview with Click On Detroit, Williams explained how he got started making crepe pizzas. “Someone said, why not put savory items inside the crepes instead of just strawberries and bananas? Over the years, it’s morphed into proteins such as shrimp and salmon. We have steak, and now we have pizza.”

“We just cook the crepe a little bit longer, then add cheese and the toppings,” Williams said.

Le Crepe offers six types of crepe pizzas. These include The Denise, featuring sauteed tomatoes, garlic, basil and balsamic vinaigrette. The Buffalo is topped with spicy, pan-seared chicken, a blue cheese sauce, sriracha and onions, while the Natasha comes with ham, bacon, mushrooms and caramelized onions.

Each pizza crepe can be built to order, and customers can add eggs for a breakfast pizza.

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