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Creative pizza gets back to its organic nature

According to a news report from, “Someone from southern France can tell you pizza is a derivative of pis­sa­ladière, a thin sheet of dough spread with onions cooked down to a golden, intense mush, then tic-tac-toed with anchovies and black olives. If you tell that to an Italian, men will come to your door carrying what look like violin cases. All I’ll say is that, on their home turf, both are exceptional, whereas in North America it ain’t necessarily so.”

“Pizza has been dumbed down like hamburgers and fried chicken to the point where you forget how it should taste. Doughy and bloated, topped with spurious tomato sauce that tastes like watered-down ketchup and bland, gluey cheese, much of it now squats fatly in the junk-food category,” said the story. “It shouldn’t, and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is not only proof that it doesn’t have to, but that you can simultaneously eat pizza and indirectly help the planet. Not only does it use organic ingredients, the company’s entire culture is geared to all those important green buzzwords like local and sustainable. If you ever have to take Al Gore or David Suzuki out for a meal, look no further.”

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