According to a report from, “in Indianapolis, Indiana, a court ruled that a pizza shop must pay for a 340-pound employee’s weight-loss surgery to ensure the success of a back surgery for an injury he suffered on the job.”

“Adam Childers, who was 25 at the time, and weighed in at 340 pounds in March 2007 when he sustained a back injury after accidentally being struck by a freezer door. Doctors said he needed surgery to eliminate his severe back pain, but in order for the surgery to be effective, he must first have lap band surgery to lose weight. His employers, Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, agreed to pay for the back surgery, but argued they were not responsible for the weight-loss operation, which can cost up to $25,000, because Childers was already obese before the accident. The court, however, said the surgery and disability payments were covered because his weight and the accident had combined to create a single injury.”

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