Couple makes pizza delivery special

According to a news report from, “Frank Marzano’s lifelong passion has evolved into an in-house pizza catering business called the Marzano Pizza Co.”

“His enthusiasm for preparing pizzas and cooking Italian food began more than 40 years ago in his Detroit home. Pizza making was a weekly Saturday evening activity. His mother, Stella Marzano, who’s Sicilian, would invite more than 50 relatives over every weekend and Frank Marzano would help her and his grandmothers get the dough ready and prepare deep-dish pizzas for everyone,” said the story. “I started cooking from that foundation, cooked through my childhood … and in college is where it really started developing,” said Frank Marzano, 45, of Plymouth. Frank Marzano went from cooking pizza for his six college roommates to turning his favorite pastime into the Marzano Pizza Company with the help of his wife, Connie, five years ago.”

“The pizza company is basically an in-house catering business, but the experience is much more than that, said Connie Marzano, 45. “For any kind of event we come into your home and we make pizza. We come to your home with the pizza stones. We throw the dough up in the air,” she said. “Most people hang in the kitchen to watch us, to listen to Frank. Most people want to be kind of around the action.” The Marzano’s chop up and prepare the requested ingredients and the dough before the party. When they arrive, they set up and show the guests how to make 15-inch pizzas or smaller ones for children’s parties, Frank Marzano said,” according to the article. “The guests get to roll dough made using Frank Marzano’s special recipe, toss it up in the air, spread the tomato sauce across the pizza and add their own ingredients.”

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