Counter Top G-45 by OEM: reduced dimensions, high productivity

OEM, leader company with a thirty-years old experience in pizzerias equipments, presents, in addition to the other two models of Ghibli range (conveyor belt width 50 and 75 cm),  its new COUNTER TOP G-45, a fan assisted oven with conveyer belt for pizza baking and for gastronomy with small dimensions but high productivity.

Extremely silent, reliable, lasting and safe, the new oven satisfies the highest quality standards of the market and is ideal even for small fast-food thanks to its simply use and reduced dimensions. 

Equipped with a easy to use control panel and integrated hoods for heating collection, Counter Top belongs to the the last oven generation designed properly for lasting.

The oven is extremely versatile tanks to its modular chambers superimposable up to 3 units, to the separate controls for lower and upper heating elements, to the adjustable timer from 0,5’ to 30’ and to the conveyor belt stop function.  

Counter Top is carefully designed to make easier the cleaning: a wide inspection door allows the air diffusers to be easily removed for inner cleaning while the conveyor belt is extractable. 

As for every OEM final product, even Counter Top is regularly submitted to the quality and safety tests of the International Certification Bodies.