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Could Khachapuri Be Related to Pizza?

Here in America, everybody loves pizza.

In the country of Georgia, near Armenia, everyone loves khachapuri, according to a recent article on, which says that 88% of Georgians prefer khachapuri to pizza, although the two share several similarities. In fact, according to Dali Tsatava, a food writer and former professor of gastronomy at the Georgian Culinary Academy in Tbilisi, she says that khachapuri could be a cousin to pizza. “Roman soldiers were coming through the Black Sea area and brought with them recipes for something that resembled pizza. Tomatoes didn’t exist in Europe until the 16th Century, so it was just baked bread and cheese, not unlike khachapuri.”

The article goes on to say that locals believe that you should only make khachapuri if you are happy. Those who show up to work in a bad mood are made to do other duties for the day so that their mood does not affect the khachapuri. In this respect it is very much like pizza; you can always tell if a pizza was made with love.

Types of khachapuri

According to a 2016 Boston Globe article, Georgians typically use two cheeses in Adjaruli khachapuri. One is fresh cow’s milk Imeretian, from the Imereti region in the middle of the country. The other is Sulguni from Samegrelo. This salty cheese, which is slightly sour, is made from cow’s, buffalo’s, or goat’s milk, and melts well. To make khachapuri in the US, the best combination of cheeses is usually aged mozzarella and feta.