“NASCAR fans hoping to have a pizza delivered to their camper at Michigan International Speedway at 3 a.m. on race day are in for a disappointment,” according to Ann Arbor.com.

“That service won’t be available this June.

Ann Arbor-based

Cottage Inn Pizza

, which became the exclusive pizza vendor for MIS on NASCAR weekends back in April – only plans to deliver from 5 p.m.-midnight during race weekends.

Cottage Inn originally announced it would provide 24-hour delivery service, but marketing director Bob Miller said the plan was a bit over-ambitious. There are roughly 9,000 campsites on the MIS property, which is situated on 1,400 acres in Brooklyn.

“We examined it and because of the sheer volume, you’re looking at a staffing issue and just the logistics of being in the campgrounds and serving that all night long, that would be tough on the crew,” Miller said.”

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