Cottage Inn Pizza Finds Value in Using Chowly to Deliver Data

Cottage Inn Pizza Finds Value in Using Chowly to Deliver Data


Ann Arbor, MI: With the growth of the on demand market in the food industry, Cottage Inn Pizza made the corporate decision to have Chowly Inc. integrate all of their restaurant aggregators directly into their point of sale (“POS”) system. Prior to utilizing Chowly’s innovative service, Cottage Inn was manually entering all online orders from restaurant aggregators such as Grubhub and Eatstreet into their POS system. “Cottage Inn Pizza has always been focused on providing excellent service,” said Matt Larue, Corporate Stores Marketing Manager for Cottage Inn, “However, the number of order discrepancies as well as the time needed for manual order entry made it difficult for us to keep this promise to our customers.”

According to Matt, there were also benefits that went beyond the obvious cost savings associated with integrating restaurant aggregators into Cottage Inn’s POS system: “Chowly also goes the extra mile by helping to manage all of our third party ordering system menus. They audit all of our aggregator menus multiple times daily and act as a go between to insure that any needed changes are made in a timely fashion.”  This is the exact sentiment that Brian Duncan, Parter and Co-Founder at Chowly Inc., says the Chowly team prides itself on hearing. “We always try to exceed our restaurant partners expectations,” said Duncan. “At Chowly we want to act as a buffer between restaurant operations and delivery logistics, allowing restaurants to focus on what they do best – making great food.”

Since implementing Chowly, Cottage Inn Pizza also sees growth opportunities in the near future. “Cottage Inn understands that online ordering is a growing medium, and we need to make sure we stay ahead of our competition,” said Matt Larue. “We know that the extra time we save by not having to input restaurant aggregator orders will result in our customers receiving their food faster than before, keeping them coming back to Cottage Inn Pizza.”

Chowly Inc is a software company based in Chicago and founded in 2015. Chowly focuses on integration and creative SaaS solutions for the hospitality industry integrating online ordering restaurant aggregators into point of sale systems. Chowly has installed their integration software on restaurants nationwide.