Corn-Dog Pizza? When It’s the Minnesota State Fair, Why Not?

""According to, “There’s only one thing to say about the tasty amalgamation of corn dogs and pizza.”

“‘It kind of makes sense; it brings two classics together, said Dennis Larson, the Minnesota State Fair official who signs off on new food at the Fair. And the corn-dog-topped pizza, which will debut at the 2010 State Fair this summer, meets both of Larson’s criteria. ‘There’s an artery-clogging element … and the ‘how-do-they-do-that?’ appeal,’ Larson said. Or at least the ‘why-do-they-do-that?’ appeal.”

“Bryan Enloe got the idea from a friend who owns two concession trailers: one for corn dogs and the other — you guessed it — for pizza. The friend typed both terms into Google, looking for ideas for signage, and a picture.”