Cooking Up Brooklyn Water in Florida

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The water-filtration system at Joey Lograsso’s pizzeria in Lake Worth, Fla., is designed to produce a replica of New York City’s vaunted tap water, believed by aficionados to improve the quality and taste of baked goods.”

“‘The pizzas come out lighter and crispier and thinner,’ said Mr. Lograsso, owner of Mamma Mia’s Trattoria & Brick Oven Pizzeria. Sales of pizzas have doubled since he adopted it, he says. The new filters have also put Mr. Lograsso in hot water: A bagel shop in nearby Delray Beach claims it developed the technology to “Brooklynize” tap water, and an amended lawsuit filed in October in Florida’s Palm Beach County alleges the pizzeria has misappropriated trade secrets. The lawsuit was first reported in the Florida Sun Sentinel. ‘There are certain things within New York City water that affect baking,” said Ira Marcus, an executive at the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., who is also representing the company in the lawsuit. ‘We identified the key ingredients…through trial and error.’ Mr. Marcus contends the process was developed in 2007 by company insiders, including bagel-shop owner Steve Fassberg and his father-in-law, Donald Kurtzer. After a dispute, Mr. Kurtzer split off and formed Famous New York Baking Water Corp., which began marketing a system for replicating water.”