For the first time a Summer Cooking School for Kids is being offered by Upper
Crust Cooking Classes in West Perth during school holidays in January 2010.
“Kids today are more frequently exposed to cooking when they watch chefs in
action on TV and are keen to try their hand at the culinary craft’ says Gabriel
Zahra, owner of Upper Crust. “For years we have offered classes to their parents
and older siblings. With current interest high we wanted to give kids a real
chance to learn some basic cooking skills that they could take into their adult
“Our ‘fledgling cheflings’ will learn some fantastic recipes as well as kitchen craft,
etiquette, table manners and nutrition” says class instructor, author and Cordon
Bleu trained Chef Susan Wilder. “Above all classes will be fun so that the kids will
want to cook at home. Who knows the next Jamie Oliver or Nigela Lawson may
be just waiting to be found” she mused
There are 5 day courses that culminate in a party for parents catered by the
children. 3 day speciality classes focus on Pastry and Cakes and Foods of the
For more information contact Gabriel at Upper Crust on 94814149

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