DUBLIN, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/c376fa/consumer_targeting) has announced the addition of the “Consumer Targeting in Food and Drinks: Lifestyle Brands, Personalized Nutrition and Customized Flavors” report to their offering.

Personalized nutrition is an emerging trend whereby food and drinks products are more closely matched to consumers’ individual nutritional needs, aspirations and preferences. Product development and marketing strategies of manufacturers are beginning to address consumers as discrete populations of individuals, rather than as generic, mass-market consumers with relatively undifferentiated buying practices.

Consumer Targeting in Food and Drinks is a new report by Business Insights that provides insight into marketing strategies that target specific groups of consumers. The report analyzes consumer and manufacturer drivers, looks at leading product categories and ingredients, and NPD in the key markets of Europe, Japan and the US.

Discover which personalization trends have the greatest potential for growth and understand the ways in which marketers are targeting consumer groups within each trend with this new report…

Business Intelligence for the Consumer Goods Industry

Business Insights’ portfolio of consumer goods management reports are designed to help you make well informed and timely business decisions. We understand the problems facing today’s consumer goods executives when trying to drive your business forward, and appreciate the importance of accurate, up-to-date, incisive product, market and company analysis. We help you to crystallize your business decisions.

The strength of our consumer goods research and analysis is derived from access to unparalleled databases and libraries of information and the use of proprietary analytic techniques. Our reports are authored by independent experts and contain findings garnered from dedicated primary research. Our authors’ leading positions secure them access to interview key executives and to establish which issues will be of greatest strategic significance for the industry.

Our consumer goods portfolio of reports can be used across a wide range of business functions to assess market conditions and devise future strategies and cover the food and drinks, ingredients, packaging, health, toiletries and cosmetics categories and key consumer issues including eRetail and marketing.

Key issues examined by this report

  • Individualization of lifestyles and responsibility for health and wellness. Consumers are increasingly aiming to both protect and to project their self-identity and look to food and drink products that are developed for their own individual needs and desires.
  • Nutrigenomics (the science of how nutrition and genetics interact). Manufacturers are interested in nutrigenomics as the technology enables the development of food and drink products with targeted health benefits. These products address growing public concern about lifestyle diseases. Nutrigenomics offers opportunities for different sectors of the food and drinks industry, including food and ingredient manufacturers, and food processing companies.
  • Customization of tastes and flavors. This is an emerging trend whereby food and drinks products are formulated to address consumers’ individual tastes and flavor aspirations by enabling them to adapt products according to their own preferences. It especially relates to flavor adaptations which enable consumers to choose novel, exotic, ethnic flavors which are bolder and stronger than established flavor offerings.

This new report will enable you to…

  • Quantify future growth areas in personalized nutrition using epidemiological data of key lifestyle diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity in Europe, the US and Japan.
  • Improve the targeting and effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this report’s analysis of Productscan data of over 12,000 food and drink product launches that took place globally between 2005 and 2008 identifying leading trends, categories and regions.
  • Predict future market growth levels based on this report’s sales data of OTC pharmaceuticals, the dietary supplements market and organic food and drinks in Europe and the US to 2011.
  • Benchmark industry executives opinions relating to the major trends in personalized nutrition based on detailed analysis of our proprietary industry survey. Understand their views on key consumer groups, innovative companies and marketing issues.

Your questions answered

  • How do personalized food and drinks differ from other food and drinks products?
  • Who are the most important consumer groups within the personalized food and drinks trend, now and in the future?
  • Which are the leading categories in personalized food and drinks products, now and in the future?
  • What will be the major growth trends in personalized food and drinks over the next 5 years? – What marketing strategies are being used to target specific groups of consumers?
  • How significant is the development of nutrigenomics to the future of personalized food and drinks?

Some key findings from this report

  • Sales of OTC pharmaceuticals are expected to reach $41bn in Europe and $69bn in the US by 2011. Sales in both regions will grow at a CAGR of 3.0% between 2007 and 2011.
  • The US has the highest prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and it is expected to increase at a rate of 3.1% to 2009. Japan is expected to experience the highest growth in Alzheimer’s disease, of 10.0%.
  • In 2008, heart health was the leading personalized functional trend in terms of new single serve functional products launched (54.9%), followed by diabetes (25.4%) and bone and joint health (19.7%).
  • Young people will become more receptive to food and drinks that can offer them tailored nutritional solutions to their lifestyle concerns in terms of energy, skin health, mental concentration and focus, and ethics, especially in terms of the environment.
Key Topics Covered:

- Executive Summary
- Introduction
- Targeting individual nutritional needs
- Targeting lifestyle aspirations
- Targeting specific consumer groups
- Customization of tastes and flavors
- Survey results and conclusions

Companies Mentioned Include:

- Givaudan
- Nestle
- Danone
- Unilever

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/c376fa/consumer_targeting

Source: Business Insights

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