Baltimore, Md.–Gone are the days when conservationism was popular only on college campuses. Public opinion has changed and environmentalism has spread awareness across numerous trade industries, including hospitality and foodservice.  The Mid-Atlantic Food, Beverage and Lodging EXPO has joined forces with advocates for a sustainable hospitality industry to deliver the knowledge, tools and resources operators need to go green and still make a profit. The Mid-Atlantic EXPO will educate and inform restaurateurs with three ‘green’ focused seminars on October 7-8, 2009 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

 “New scientific data, depleted fossil fuel reserves, waste disposal challenges and the threat of global warming has catapulted environmental issues to the forefront of policy discussions,” commented Paul Hartgen, President and CEO of the Restaurant Association of Maryland. The Association has orchestrated the annual trade show for the past 55 years. “Awareness of these challenges by our customers has ignited a spark in the hospitality industry. Restaurants are adopting environmentally friendly practices to see more green — in their bottom line, as well as in the environment,” he continued.

 Below are three ‘green’ focused seminars available free to show attendees.

 From Local Farms to your Tables – Why Local Products are Must Haves for Local Menus

Followed by a Panel Discussion: Local Product Infrastructure and Delivery Systems

Moderator: Renee Catacalos, Edible Chesapeake Magazine

Panelists: Aaron McCloud (Vintage 50), Elaine Boland (Fields of Athenry Farms), Michael Reidt (B & O American Brasserie), Jane Storrs, Maryland Department of Agriculture

October 8, 2009 (Thursday)

11:30am-12:30pm – VIP Lounge

 Aaron McCloud, Vintage 50 restaurant in Loudon County, Virginia and Elaine Boland of Fields of Athenry Farms will share their story of successful partnering, from farm to table. They will be joined by industry colleagues for a discussion on the challenges of buying locally and maintaining a consistent flow of products fresh from the farm.

 Go Green and Still Make a Profit

Panelists: Una Song (Energy Star Program EPA), Christopher Moyer (National Restaurant Association)

October 8, 2009 – VIP Lounge

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

 Going, going…gone green? The “green” trend is here to stay, but how can your business participate in environmentally friendly programs and initiatives without pushing your costs into the red? The average customer’s purchasing decisions are more attuned to businesses’ environmental impact than ever before, so it is certainly in your company’s best interest to examine this issue further. Simple, cost effective decisions made by operators can make all the difference in your carbon footprint and your bottom line…come learn more from the experts.

 Taking the Confusion Out of Sustainability and Driving Profits

Panelists: Mark Goldman (Amore di Aqua), Walker Lunn (Envirelation)

 Businesses today are measured differently by their customers; it is much more than just dollars and cents. Sustainability is the new way in which customers, your customers, value the economic, environmental, and social impact of your business and where they choose to spend their money. Innovative sustainability initiatives can assist you in growing and evolving your business based on the changing wants and needs of today’s consumers while limiting risk, reducing costs and driving profits. An expert panel has been gathered to share their knowledge on a wide range of issues. Don’t miss this panel’s valuable insight!

Additional seminars targeting various hospitality relevant topics including marketing, beverage education and server training, communication and more will also be offered onsite during the two day show.  For more information about the additional seminars offered or to register please visit


The Mid Atlantic Food, Beverage & Lodging EXPO is an annual restaurant and hospitality tradeshow that features local, national and international manufacturers, distributors and brokers with samples and demonstrations of food, beverages and services for sale to the region’s hospitality industry. Featuring free parking, special events, speakers and free admission for foodservice professionals! Event dates are October 7-8, 2009 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Must be 21 to attend. For more information please visit


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