""Red Bank, N.J., May 16, 2011 — Cono Italiano, Inc., the exclusive license holder for the North American Distribution and Manufacturing rights for “Pizza Cono”, a one-of-a-kind, drip-free, cone shaped pizza made from proprietary dough, is pleased to announce that Food Network has featured the pizza cone on their website FoodNetwork.com and in a recent segment of Unwrapped called “Crazy Containers”.

Unwrapped takes viewers on tours of factories and other food-related locations to uncover the behind-the-scenes details of classic American foods and how they are prepared. The focus of this particular episode was on common foods showcased in unique ways. The Pizza Cono, with its innovative composition, was chosen to be featured on the show.

The Unwrapped segment put Cono Italiano’s traditional 2.5 oz pizza cone to the test, filling it with low fat mozzarella cheese and sauce before it was baked in a special carousel oven designed by Pizza Hands. The Pizza Cono passed the Unwrapped test with flying colors, wowing the host and viewers with its versatility, variety of mouth-watering food combinations, and its ability to be easily consumed while on-the-go in a drip-free manner.

“Pizza does not have to be a flat experience and Cono Italiano, Inc. is changing the game by serving it in a delicious, drip-free cone,” said the producers of Food Network’s Unwrapped program.

About Cono Italiano, Inc.
Cono Italiano, Inc. owns the North American distribution and manufacturing rights for Pizza Cono. This on-the-go food product is designed to be a drip free, spill free cone-shaped pizza made of proprietary dough and filled with freshly selected ingredients. The Company intends that the Pizza Cone will be distributed through the fast food market. The Pizza Cone will be distributed to quick-service restaurants (QSR), takeaways, and leisure locations. These establishments include typical fast food chains, supermarkets, convenience stores, entertainment facilities and sports arenas.

About Pizza Hands
Spuntibreak S.r.l. was founded in 2001 in Milan, Italy, by Marco Messuti. The initial product was a pizza cone (pizza cono), filled with cheese and sauce and can be identified throughout the world under the trade mark “PGroup,” an independent brand of Italian fast food. The product is currently being sold throughout Germany, Italy, Japan, Egypt, Korea, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Malta, Romania, Slovenia and Syria.

About Food Network
Food Network is distributed to more than 96 million U.S. households and averages more than seven million Web site users monthly. Beloved by the 18-34 year old demographic, the network is known for introducing new and different ways to approach food through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel. With headquarters in New York City and offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Knoxville, Food Network can be seen internationally.

Forward-Looking Statements
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For further information please visit www.conoitaliano.com

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