Cono Italiano Has Big Ideas for The Pizza Cone

""According to, “Getting the American rights to a new convenience food idea that has proven success in other countries is always a big deal. It’s a multi-billion dollar market that never stops growing. The latest new idea is pizza in a cone, something about which every on-the-go pizza lover has a right to ask ‘Why didn’t they think of this before.'”

“Actually, the pizza in a cone concept is well established in Europe, but has only recently been edging into the U.S. market. Cono Italiano, Inc. now has the American distribution rights for Pizza Cono, a cone shaped pizza made of proprietary dough that can be filled with anything the customer wants. Production has been set up in New York, with the goal of distributing throughout the country. It’s already being sold in the East, with initial distribution to quick-service restaurants, cafés, and caterers, and distribution planned as a frozen food item for supermarkets nationwide, either plain or pre-filled. For the pre-filled version, the company is able to fill up to 1,600 cones each hour with a variety of fillings, including sausage, meatballs, as well as egg and cheese for breakfast cones. There’s even a plan to create a healthy-alternative whole-wheat version.”

“Developing a supermarket variety represents an especially big step for any new convenience food product. With sales of frozen pizza increasing by over a billion dollars in just the past 10 years, and now standing at well over $4 billion, it’s a market Cono Italiano cannot afford to ignore. As consumers look for economy as well as convenience, more expensive pizza chain pizzas are increasingly getting pushed aside by the frozen variety.”