Congress To Decide Whether Pizza Is A “Vegetable” reports, “A battle"" in congress could replace your child’s healthy lunch with a slice of frozen pizza and French fries.  It’s the biggest food fight over school lunches in 30 years. ‘We believe that children should have a variety of vegetables that they can become familiar with and that will be better for their diet,’ said Theresa Hafner, director of the Denver Public Schools Food Service Department.”

“Lawmakers in Congress are recommending that frozen pizza and French fries be reclassified as a healthy food choice. Opponents of the plan question whether politicians are the right people to decide what goes on to a kid’s plate. ‘We’re disappointed that Congress is really unraveling what we saw as being very common sense,’ said Lisa Walvoord of Live Well Colorado. Earlier this year, the USDA recommended guidelines with more of exactly the foods already being served in Denver Public Schools. More fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with less sodium, fat and servings of potatoes.”