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Competing Against the Chains: Domino's Just Made It Even Easier to Order Their Pizza

As if ordering delivery from Domino’s wasn’t already easy enough, the megachain announced this week a new collaboration with the social media platform, Snapchat.

Starting this weekend, Adweek reports, Domino’s will run a national ad campaign encouraging Snapchat users—typically teens and young adults—to use the platform’s “shoppable” augmented reality (AR) lens to place a pizza delivery order.

AR lenses, which enhance the user’s own image with unusual visuals such as doggie ears, swirling bubbles or a stream of rainbow vomit—have been a popular feature on Snapchat for the past few years.  Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, reports that 70 million users play with AR lenses every days.

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With the Domino’s lens, Snapchat users can order a pizza with a simple tap of a button without leaving the app. When the customer sees his reflection on the phone screen, he’s wearing a pair of sunglasses that reflect a pizza in the lenses. Flip the camera over, and there's a floating pizza box that opens up to reveal a pizza.

Snapchat earlier this year rolled out its shoppable AR lenses for advertisers, which can be purchased through Snapchat’s sales team for a measly $500,000. Snapchat estimates a shoppable AR lens campaign will reach between 15 and 20 million users and net 40 to 60 million impressions.

In other words, competing with pizza chains like Domino's keeps getting harder for independent pizzerias. The solution: Get up-to-date on ordering technology, offer online ordering to your customers, start a loyalty program and take advantage of every opportunity tech can offer.

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