Company Releases New, Online Food Ordering Software

""CARLISLE, PA – Picture this. You’re sitting on the couch, remote in hand, watching your favorite football team destroy their opponent. Through the cheers and jeers, you sud-denly get a craving for the pizza at your favorite pizzeria. Instead of reaching for the phone, you simply log onto your computer and place your order online. Within minutes, you can get the pie – exactly how you want it – delivered directly to your doorstep and you have My-MenuOrder to thank.

MyMenuOrder ( is premier online ordering software created for the restaurant industry. The software is specifically designed for restaurants of all sizes. It was just developed and released by Cruzstar LLC (, which is an up and coming Pennsylvania company. MyMenuOrder is not only simple and user-friendly, it is also affordable for restaurants nationwide.

The idea of ordering food online is not new. Major pizza chains across the country have been using online ordering with great success over the past few years. In May 2008, Papa John’s International reached for than one billion dollars in online ordering sales. And according to the National Restaurant Association, 57% of adults use the internet to do re-search on a restaurant.

""“With numbers like that, it only makes sense that all restaurants, no matter how big or small they are, should be able to compete on the same playing field,” Adrian Fang, MyMenuOrder software creator, says. “We took that into account when developing this program, and came up with an extremely affordable way for all restaurants, especially mom and pops, to have online ordering capabilities.”

Fang, Cruzstar’s President and CEO, came up with the idea for MyMenuOrder a few years ago after listening to his co-workers vent their frustration over managing food orders for sales meetings. At the time, Fang was in charge of developing interac-tive e-learning material for more than 65,000 employees of the Social Security Administration. With experience in IT, web de-sign and video interactivity, Fang blended his working knowledge of technology to establish Cruzstar.

The concept of MyMenuOrder makes sense. People are spending more time on the web plus, they are looking for conven-ience. Al Haulman, who owns a successful, pizza restaurant in Central Pennsylvania, recognizes the need. He recently decided to implement the cost-effective program at Al’s Pizza to alleviate the time his employees spent taking orders over the phone. “Taking orders over the phone can be very inefficient for a number of reasons,” Haulman says.

MyMenuOrder gives customers full control of their entire ordering process from choosing menu items to entering delivery and credit card information. Orders are then sent to a store’s fax ma-chine and received within 10 seconds. As a result, workers have more time to dedicate to food prepara-tion. At Al’s Pizza, Haul-man has time to stand back and marvel at how simply the program performs.

“The process was very easy to set up as I had to do nothing but provide a menu and move the fax machine next to our prep station,” Haulman says. “The only concern I had was with the employees getting used to it. But the order receiving process is so straightforward we have not had any issues or missed an order yet.” Al’s Pizza has also increased its carryout order-taking efficiency by nearly 90 percent. Haulman says morale in the store has also increased.

The story is the same down the road at Cuppy’s Coffee and Catering. Since put-ting its menu on MyMenuOrder in April, owner Jason Winters says the catering busi-ness “has exploded.” Winters says during the first two weeks of online order, “the soft-ware had paid for itself through catering, and the customers were mainly new ones.” Of those customers, Winters says many of them have become regular weekly orders.

Fang’s web-based ordering technology has been used by businesses of all sizes – from independent restaurant groups to national corporate chains.
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