Companies Hit Paydirt with SmartleadsUSA

Innovative firm helps companies grow their bottom line by thinking outside the box with their unique neighborhood marketing approach

Palm Harbor, FL – May 20, 2008 – With the current uncertainty of the economy, many companies are re-evaluating what they need to be competitive.  SmartleadsUSA offers a quick and simple solution for businesses. With their efficient turnkey neighborhood marketing process, SmartleadsUSA is helping contractors, home service companies, restaurateurs, and other entrepreneurs gain the upper edge they are desperately seeking to grow their company.


SmartleadsUSA founder Brad Kent lives by the philosophy that, “connecting with neighbors on a personal level and offering them a reason to act, produces lifelong customers that will value your business.”  With this philosophy in mind, SmartleadsUSA uses their unique, patented technology to target the customers that small businesses need most – the neighbors around each of their businesses and the neighbors of their clients. 


Unlike traditional direct mail marketing that blankets whole zip codes, SmartleadsUSA Radius Marketing technique takes aim at the homes in close proximity to the company’s business and the company’s clients.   For example, their jobsite radius marketing approach is much more effective because it can generate an automatic referral from a trusted neighbor whose home repair needs are similar to the recipient’s. For example, announcing that an air conditioner was just replaced a few doors down to someone will often spark an instant sale from a neighbor experiencing similar problems.


SmartleadsUSA also features a New Neighbor Marketing service, which targets a person who just moved into a neighborhood. They gather new neighbor names from over 3300 sources nationally and customize a highly personalized mailer with variable data throughout each piece. By inserting your consumer’s name in the right places on a mail piece, response rates can increase by leaps and bounds.


Birthday Marketing is an additional program that SmartleadsUSA offers.  It is often considered the most precious tool in forming an immediate relationship with a restaurant customer! When a consumer receives a personalized piece of mail that recognizes his/her important day, it dramatically increases their likelihood of stimulating new trial of the concept. Let’s face it – everyone loves a free meal. The best part is that restaurant owners are not responsible for collecting the birthday data because SmartleadsUSA already has it.  It’s a complete automated marketing program.

SmartleadsUSA also offers Business to Business Marketing which targets potential consumers at their workplace.  Companies can give promotional coupons to their employees and win them over in the lunchroom by sharing “freebies” on the bulletin board or drop one by their cubicle. By offering employees of nearby businesses incentives like a buy one get one free lunch while they are at work, it often increases the average party size and again stimulates new trial of the brand being advertised.


This patented neighborhood marketing process can be completed on the SmartleadsUSA website in mere minutes, anytime of the day, without ever licking a stamp or printing a label! This simple system allows for unlimited use of variable data and graphics, which greatly increases response rates and generates increased sales.  When you only have two seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, what better way than to have a piece of mail that directly speaks to the recipient with a highly personalized message?


About SmartleadsUSA:

SmartleadsUSA creates custom direct marketing strategies designed to create sales growth for businesses of all kinds.  Their patented technology zeros in on potential clients based on their proximity (home or workplace) to the business for whom they are mailing and other important life events such as birthday’s, and those that have just moved into a neighborhood.  This allows businesses to create a word-of-mouth type of buzz and build sales in their own neighborhood.  SmartleadsUSA is easy and efficient for businesses and offers a quick turnaround between order and delivery.  Having been in business for more than eleven years with over 321 million pieces of mail sent, SmartleadsUSA knows how to offer businesses an invaluable edge on the competition.