Comenda patents the new A-PRS system: The latest generation technology that reduces use of water, power and chemicals by 33%

Comenda is a world leader in professional dish washing machines, currently manufacturing and distributing over 200 different models.  Comenda also designs custom integrations and complements for dish washing facilities.

Comenda, as a result of advanced research, presents the exclusive PRS (Proportional Rinse System) and its further development, the A-PRS (Automatic Proportional Rinse System), that can ensure a saving of 33% on use of water, power and chemicals used for washing.

Traditional rack conveyor and conveyor type dishwashers, although equipped with different speeds of advancement, always use the same quantity of water for each speed, determining enormous waste.

The PRS system patented by Comenda,  is a real revolution in the field: it ensures the use of the right quantity of rinse water on the basis of the speed of the conveyor, thus also reducing by up to 33%, the use of power, detergents and drying products. For example, a machine with “ecorinse” type rinse cycle, uses 360 l/h both at speed 1 and speed 2.  The same machine with PRS will use only 250 l/h at speed 1.

PRS is standard on the conveyor  type NE series and is available by request on the rack conveyor ACS and ACRS series and on the conveyor  NL series. A-PRS, a special function implemented in the E3 electronic control system, while preserving all the advantages of PRS, automatically recognizes the empty spaces in the conveyor, and therefore selects the appropriate advancement speed enabling the operator to fill those spaces thus ensuring the right quantity of water for each plate. A-PRS can be applied both on rack conveyor and conveyor type machines and can also be used on six speed dishwashers and those with inverter controlled motors.