Comenda Continues to Invest in the Energy-Saving Challenge

The Comenda philosophy in a symbol: a green petal that sums up the absolute commitment of the Milanese company towards the research and application of highly technological formulas able to combine high performance and energy saving.

Since 1962, Comenda has been a leader in the professional washing machines sector  and stands for its products that are versatile, easy to use and able to guarantee the best working conditions in various settings.

ECO2 has become the key to the broad range of Comenda machinery, where the three letters, inserted into a green pictogram that resembles the form of a petal or drop of water (the graphic element that identifies the company brand), recall the two concepts of ecology and economy, both of which are applied to every last detail of construction and development.


Formulas friendly to nature, operators and the walle

The themes related to environmental protection, reduction of the use of energy resources and the connected savings in cost terms are certainly extremely relevant today. Many car producers, construction firms and service providers are concentrating on these three factors as well as packaging companies . Having said this, these topics are not new to Comenda, since it is clear that this is an indisputable plus of the Milanese company in its continuity: the meaning of the double ECO is not a passing fad, but a concrete value and lasting investment. Besides, since 1992 the concepts of economy and ecology have become strengths on which Comenda’s product ranges have been developed, references which have never been abandoned, but rather have undergone a progressive evolution to suit present requirements and future prospects.

This “green” sensibility is backed up by analysing certain data: for each kW of energy produced, 0.43 kg of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, for every gram of water not used for washing it is therefore possible to obtain a triple saving regarding the energy needed to produce and heat it and the chemical products present within it. The new Comenda machines are designed to guarantee energy savings of up to 40%. The calculations are therefore easily made not only in terms of reduced production of carbon dioxide, but also as far as bio-compatibility is concerned when it is considered that both these innovative instruments for industrial cleaning and the packaging used are 98% recyclable as they are composed mainly of steel, glass, wood, paper and iron.

Another consideration to be made is the Kyoto protocol and the penalties inflicted on its signatories for every ton of carbon dioxide produced; this has led to numerous forms of financial incentives in order to support moves to avoid pollution. Italy is also moving in this direction.

It is therefore clear that the solutions proposed by Comenda fully embrace this philosophy and general strategy regarding environmental protection and reduction of consumption, concretising at the same time the essence of the company mission: to provide a vast choice of machines and instrumentation able to adapt to various requirements, always guaranteeing high performance with innovative technical devices in order to ensure manageability, easy maintenance and improved working conditions for their operators.