Colony Foods’ Ed Noe: Health Crisis Is Also an Opportunity for Independent Pizzerias

In this new video exclusive, PMQ publisher Steve Green talks to Ed Noe of distributor Colony Foods about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected New England’s pizza industry. And the news is better than you might think. Noe notes that pizzerias in the region’s major cities and college towns have suffered “dramatically” during the health crisis. “But as you get into the suburbs, we’re seeing a significant increase in business,” Noe says.

For pizzerias that offer delivery and carryout, Noe says, now is the time to make sure customers know you’re open and that it’s safe to order from your restaurant. “This is our opportunity,” he says, “and I think independent operators who do rise to the occasion … will see a bump in business now, but they’re also going to see a bump in business later.”

Watch the video below to learn more.