Click to Go Online Ordering Pushes Pizzeria Operator’s Profits Up

Click to Go® Online Ordering Pushes Pizzeria Operator’s Profits Up

Click to Go Online Ordering offers restaurants new revenue opportunities 24/7.

Direct Technology Innovations (DTI) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida launched their Click to Go® Online Ordering Program back in January this year. In a few short months, the pizza market embraced Click to Go® Online Ordering with such vigor that now the pizza operators are seeing two things happen; a real 20-40% improvement in their overall revenue and a confirmation that everyone loves to order pizza online no matter what their internet experience level.

“DTI has always been a leader in the electronic payment arena, and now with our Click to Go® Online Ordering we are seeing our traditional restaurant merchants bring in a new line of revenue opportunities, a type of “self-service” experience that consumers are demanding from their favorite restaurants”, states DTI’s Vice President of Sales, Michael Slominski. With many consumers lacking in “extra time”, ordering pizza online just makes perfect sense. By giving consumers unrestricted access to order what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, it expands a pizzeria’s capacity 24/7. Another real advantage for pizza operators is that it reduces bogus orders being placed because the customer’s information is captured online with their credit/debit card information. So, the idea of ordering 27 tuna fish pizzas and sending them to an ex-boyfriend’s house will be carefully thought out before placing an order online! This is a welcomed relief to many pizza operators. “By providing pizza operators the opportunity to put their menu online in a low-cost and very functional way, and giving them secure online payment options before food preparation, we are influencing consumer purchasing habits, promoting repeat business, saving prep-time and inventory. The integration and implementation of a gift and loyalty card program, further improving revenues for this industry, is another added benefit”, exclaims Mr. Slominski.

Unlike many other online ordering programs, the Click to Go® Online Ordering setup requires no additional equipment or king’s ransom for start up. If the restaurant currently has an existing POS system or just a dedicated fax machine, they can have their customers “click and go”. The menu build takes about 7-10 days. After that, the restaurant is ready to accept online ordering with secure online credit card or gift card payments day or night! Online menus can be uploaded daily with new menu specials, new pricing, and images to always keep it “fresh” and “inviting” to consumers without requiring an IT programming degree. What is the greatest part of having your menu online? Any restaurant can “invite” customers 24/7, day or night, by sending out email blasts, e-coupons or special offers to their customer base. It is effortless and extremely cost effective. National chains such as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, with great corporate support, are already experiencing the “online” advantages. The customer response is tremendous. A real advantage to the Click to Go® Online Ordering Program is that it fits perfectly into a national franchise chain or into the small local restaurant regardless of size.

Successful pizza operators know that repeat business is all based on the consumer’s overall order experience – be it in the actual restaurant or online. The Click to Go® experience is a positive experience. The simple and user-friendly online ordering program saves all previous order and payment histories thus saving the consumer time. Online coupons help up-sell and cross-sell seasonal menu items plus there are “extra prompts” such as “did you order dessert or would you like a drink with that” that add additional revenue opportunities! What pizza operator wouldn’t love more revenue!

The question, “what’s for dinner”, is now just a “click” away. Both consumers and pizza operators love the “click” experience! It combines the best in online ordering and the DTI exclusive merchant service processing. This combination gives the pizza operators more efficiency in their credit card transaction processing, saves time and money, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. DTI has been a leader in the credit card processing segment with their Swipe N’ Go® Program made famous by Jared Fogle of Subway™. Now once again, DTI delivers Click to Go® Online Ordering bringing a new level of secure, fast and convenient online ordering with the best in merchant services. “We have seen the positive results and impressive feedback from our own restaurant merchants who had never considered online ordering before our program launched. Our customers know and trust us. They know that we will provide a level of service they can’t get anywhere else”, states Steven Tupler, Director of TeleSales for DTI.

About DTI
DTI founded in 2001, having been nationally accredited with their highly successful Swipe N’ Go® Program, Click to Go® Online Ordering Program, and HWeb Mobile Ticketing Solutions®, provides independent distributors a variety of credit card processing platforms which will save time, streamline accounting operations, and invariably increase their revenues significantly. DTI, known for its high quality and innovative merchant services, supports the National Blind Merchant Association, the University of Miami Women’s Cancer Association Silver Angels, and the 911 World Trade Center Tribute Center.