Classic truck cranks out unique pizzas in Sarasota

Pizza from a truck isn't that unique a concept. Neapolitanpies cranked out from an Italian wood-fired pizza oven housed in a 1051 Ford F-5 pickup areanother matter.

Sarasota, Florida' reports thePolpo Pizza Companyowner Tom Baril and his wife,Danni Bleil, put a new idea into that old white truck and locals have gone nuts for it. They run a pizza catering business out of their classic ride and churn out some modern pies all over Sarasota.The couple has been a mainstay at thePhillippi Farmers' Marketfor the past three weeks but has been perfecting their recipe for months. They offer over 20 different pizzas on their menu and typically serve 4-5 varieties on any given day at the market.Customers lined up all afternoon to try some ofPolpo'spies. The company caters events and travels around the Sarasota area serving their authentic Neapolitan pizza.

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