Cim Yoder promoted to Vice-President of Foodservice Sales by Brookwood Farms

(Siler City, NC) – Cim Yoder has been promoted to Vice-President of Foodservice Sales by Brookwood Farms BBQ. Yoder has helped the authentic pit-cooked barbecue manufacturer grow its sales within the foodservice segment over the past 13 years. 

“Cim has helped our company become a preferred brand of high quality barbecue,” said Brookwood Farms President Twig Wood. “He has earned his promotion and I am confident that through his leadership our brand will continue to grow within the foodservice industry.” Yoder previously served as the company’s regional sales director. 

Yoder joined Brookwood Farms BBQ in 1997 with the mission of growing sales within foodservice. Today, company sales to foodservice operators outpace retail sales to supermarkets.  

“Brookwood Farms barbecue products allow the end user to provide a higher quality, naturally smoked product to their customers” Yoder explained. “If operators truly care about serving real pit-cooked barbecue to their customers, they will cook it themselves or they will choose Brookwood Farms. That is why I am excited about the growth of our business in the foodservice industry.” 

Unlike most barbecue meat companies who cook their products in an electric or natural gas oven, then add artificial smoke flavoring, Brookwood Farms prepares its products over real charcoal. Brookwood Farms’ natural slow-cooking process involves a 10 to 12 hour cooking process where we naturally smoke meat over live charcoal. The process renders a tender, natural flavor that is unmistakable. 

“Most meat companies view their barbecue products as an alternative or side item to their product lines,” said Yoder. “At Brookwood Farms, real pit-cooked barbecue is our specialty. We care about the quality of products we offer. We won’t compromise when it comes to authentic flavor and quality. We want to provide our customers a traditional “BBQ restaurant style” BBQ that you can only get from pit-cooking over charcoal.”  

A recent survey of American foodservice operators found that pulled pork barbecue is their first priority in meat items they are considering as a menu addition.  

Brookwood Farms is the preferred supplier of barbecue meats to a variety of national chains, independent operators and non-commercial operations. For more information, visit