Church Uses Pizzeria to Raise Money for Charity

According to, “Rowan County boasts a large number of churches, one of the highest concentrations in the state, and at least one of them also is making an impact on the economy.”

“Cornerstone Church recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of an ambitious venture, Mamma Mia’s Pizza-n-More. The restaurant on Webb Road began when the church decided to build a new kitchen for the congregation. The price for the new facility was well over $100,000, and leaders wondered how they could get the most out of it. Facilities at many churches are relatively unused during weekdays and nights. The idea for a pizzeria seemed logical, and it would only cost a few thousand more to make it a reality.”

“Today, Mamma Mia’s does a substantial business, both delivering and offering pizzas for pickup. The key is that instead of lining the pockets of advertisers or franchise owners, this restaurant donates profits to charity. In the last 12 months, Cornerstone’s restaurant has raised about $25,000 for local nonprofit organizations. Only the food prices and wages are deducted from the company’s total donations. Wages don’t cut too much from the total because Mamma Mia’s is usually only staffed by two people.”