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Chuck E. Cheese Delivery-Only Spinoff Signs Deal With Postmates

While the kid-friendly Chuck E. Cheese chain goes through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, parent company CEC Entertainment hopes to boost its new delivery-only brand, Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings, by inking a deal with third-party platform Postmates.

The company recently announced the collaboration in a press release. “We are thrilled to partner with Postmates to bring Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings directly to wherever you are,” said CEC Entertainment CMO Sherri Landry. “We are extremely proud of what we’re building and the excitement that our guests have expressed for this new brand. The results we’ve seen thus far have been extremely encouraging, and CEC Entertainment has more in store for this delivery-only brand. ”

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“Postmates is always focused on partnering with restaurants that will satisfy our customer’s cravings,” said Craig Whitmer, Postmates’ Vice President, Merchant Business Development. “We’re excited to partner with Pasqually’s and provide delivery from more than 400 locations.”

CEC Entertainment was operating the Pasqually’s brand on the down-low until a Reddit user in Philadelphia placed an order—thinking Pasqually’s was a local independent restaurant—and realized it came from a Chuck E. Cheese store. CEC Entertainment told Food & Wine that it had “recently launched Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings nationwide,” adding that “the inspiration was rooted in the desire to create a premium pizza while staying true to the CEC brand.”

CEC Entertainment added that Pasqually’s shares kitchen space with Chuck E. Cheese and uses the same dough. “But it is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience. ”