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Chris Bianco Sets His Sights on Napa Valley for His Next Project

The James Beard Award-winning pizzaiolo has big plans to revamp a restaurant and general store located in a ritzy Napa Valley resort.

After opening several restaurants in Los Angeles over the past couple of years, where’s Arizona pizzaiolo Chris Bianco heading next? Further north, it turns out. His next project will take him to California’s Napa Valley, where he’s set to take over the Farm restaurant at the Carneros Resort and Spa.

Last year’s James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Restaurateur, Bianco is the renowned chef/owner behind Pizzeria Bianco, which started out in Phoenix before expanding to L.A. in 2022. Both of those cities now have two Pizzeria Bianco locations. In June of 2023, he also opened Pane Bianco, a New York-style slice and sandwich spot in L.A.

According to the Robb Report, Bianco will reinvent Farm based in part on Tratto, another one of his Phoenix properties, while putting to good use the produce found in Napa Valley. Tratto features classic Italian dishes made with local ingredients from the Southwest.

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Farm will evoke an Italian farmhouse while merging California and Mediterranean elements, the Robb Report notes. But it’s not a pizza joint, Bianco said. He’s more interested in pasta dishes highlighting local veggies and meats like Sonoma lamb. Carneros itself already has a farm with various organic vegetables and herbs, and other local growers abound as potential partners.

However, Bianco is also taking over Market, the resort’s general store. Wood-fired pizza is on the existing menu there, and Bianco will add his own personal touch to the pies, venturing beyond the fare he offers at Pizzeria Bianco to explore new culinary territory—different grains, fermentation and baking times.

“We’re working on a pizza that will be unique to Market,” Bianco told the Robb Report. “Just like I did for Pane Bianco’s new program in Los Angeles, I’m going to really look at our oven and our staff and do something that is going to be consistent and delicious. We’re looking at different varietals. There’s a small mill up in Sonoma. I would love to use as much as I can from this part of the world to do something that’s familiar and awesome but also unique to this property.”