HAMILTON, OHIO — According to a report from Middletownjournal.com, “Pictures of fathers wanted for child support attached to pizza boxes prompted a protest at a Hamilton pizzeria Friday.”

The article said, “Members of Fathers-4-Justice, a nonprofit volunteer group fighting for “truth, justice and equality in family law,” stood outside Karen’s Pizzeria on Eaton Avenue for hours dressed in camouflage pants and bright shirts, waving posters and banners stating “Kids need both parents. Families now. Reform now.”

“The business began placing posters from the Butler County Child Support Enforcement Agency depicting deadbeat dads on their delivery boxes in August. According to CSEA, the effort let to the arrest of at least one man who owed $21,200 in child support,” the report said.

Owner Karen Willis declares she will continue her efforts.

“I think the children need the support,” Willis said.

The article said, “John Fowler, a member of Fathers-4-Justice, said he asked Willis to remove the posters featuring the delinquent dads from her boxes before the protest began. She declined and about a half dozen people started waving signs about 11 a.m. and urging passersby, with the assistance of a bull horn, to eat elsewhere.”
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