Chicago Pizza Tours, Open for Business This Weekend

According to the Chicago Tribune, “You probably didn’t know this, but you live in a renaissance time.”

“As far as Chicago-based pizza tours go. Some are walking tours. Some are bus tours. But within the past three months, three pizza tours have started. You got yer Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours. You got yer Second City Pizza Tours (which are not affiliated with the theater company). And now, as of this weekend, you got Chicago Pizza Tours. The first two days are sold out. But future tours will happen Friday through Sunday, starting at 11 a.m. The guy behind it is Jonathan Porter, 32, who lives in the South Loop, grew up in Elmhurst and until recently worked for his father, who places corporate logos on products. We called Jonathan and asked a few pertinent questions.”

OK, why this?

“‘I’ve taken a few tours in Chicago. I liked some. Some needed improvement. I took architectural tours. I really liked the ghost tour, the gangster tour. I took the boat tours. When friends came in from out of town they would want to do this… In a city so known for its pizza, it seemed natural to have a pizza tour. When I met out-of-towners they would always want to talk about pizza, so one day I said to my wife I’m going to start a pizza tour company, which means we have to go and buy a bus and I don’t want to walk on this tour because we will have to hit three or four neighborhoods.'”