(Press Release) Chicago, IL, November 20, 2013 — The Chicago Pizza Tours has been on a doughy winning streak, with 2013 clocking in as the foodie-tourism company's busiest year to date. From May onwards, nearly all the tours for locals and tourists alike to be shown the city's best pizza offerings have been sold out – and that's really saying something, given that CPT has added not one but two new tours to its rotations. After having great success with their Original and Pizza & Cocktails tours, Chicago Pizza Tours is inviting hungry people to join them on the Walking In A Deep Dish Wonderland tour: an opportunity for folks to warm up in the cold with brisk walks around Chicago's theater district, Daley Plaza, and lots of other historic sites, stopping at two restaurants for stuffed or deep-dish slices, and ending up at Macy's for hot chocolate chased with another local, historic treat – Frango mints.

Also keeping CPT warm recently were the bright lights of TV stardom – over the summer, the company was featured in the pilot episode of a tourism-focused reality show that is currently being shopped around to various networks. "The best part of the experience," says Founder Jon Porter, "was bringing all the employees and my family together for a solid 72 hours of filming and joking around. It was a really good team-building activity." Additionally, CPT was also featured on PBS' "Start-Up," which airs nationally.

And speaking of team building, CPT's teams continue to grow. The company has added more employees and also three more pizza places to its tours' rotations: Macello's, Sono, and Bacino's help bring the grand total of featured restaurants to 12. That's ample reason for people to keep coming back, as no two tours will be alike, other than the fact that you get to enjoy Chicago-style pizza in Chicago.

More information can be found at http://www.chicagopizzatours.com.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chicagopizzatour
Twitter: @ChiPizzaTour

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