Chef Bruno

In recent articles, I have discussed dough boxes, making your own cheese and even touched on how the Italians are attempting to define what can be called pizza.

We’ve read in PMQ about pizzas with meats, pizzas with vegetables, dessert pizza and heard about every conceivable combination you can imagine. I even have one I call Viagra Pizza (special ingredients), which is the best selling pizza in my restaurant in Florida. People keep inquiring as to the ingredients of the Viagra Pizza. My answer is to try one and find out, but in 20 minutes you need to be home if you know what I mean. Today, I am going to describe a pizza that has been around a long time. Not many people know out this type of pizza. It’s very big in the Northeast and is called Pennsylvania “Fried Pizza.” Below is the recipe for “Fried Pizza” that I hope you will try out and experiment with in your restaurant. Make a couple and have a few employees and some of your best customers serve as official taste testers. It could end up being as popular as my Viagra Pizza.


Spread the dough on the table. Put oil in the pan and place dough in pan. Spread the dough with the oil. Let the dough relax for two hours covered. In the meantime, drain the tomatoes very well. After draining, put tomatoes back in pan and crush with your hands, but not too much. Sprinkle the spices in tomatoes to your taste. After two hours, cover the dough with slices of cheddar cheese and red onions and put the plum tomatoes on the top. Make sure the pizza oven is up to 650 degrees or the dough will soak up all of the oil. Put pan in oven, but be very, very careful. This is a very messy procedure, as oil will splatter, so once again, be cautious and open the oven door carefully. To know when the pizza is done, look under the crust. The bottom of the crust must be golden brown, but not too crispy, before it’s ready. Take the pizza out of the pan quickly. Put on the wood board before cutting because the wood will absorb some of the oil. Wait a few minutes and enjoy. Magnifique!