Charity targets pizza record to raise money to help needy

According to a news report from, “A local charity hopes to create a line of pizzas more than 611 feet long to break a world record set in 2006 and raise money for people who are seriously ill or have other problems.”

“About 6,000 slices of pizza will be free to spectators once the new record is confirmed at noon Saturday, said Scott VanDuzer of Big Apple Pizza and Pasta,” said the story. “It will take eight or nine hours to cook that many pizzas, so we’ll have to start in the middle of the night,” VanDuzer said. “The plan is for 91 8-foot-long tables to line 35th Street.” That is long enough for 728 feet, which is more than enough to break the record for the longest line of pizzas of 611 feet 2 inches. That mark was set in 2006 at a shopping center in Treviso, Italy, according to the Web site for Guinness World Records. Pizza will be free, but there will be a charge for entertainment such as bounce houses, a water slide, a dunk tank and other attractions.”

“The event will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Big Apple Pizza, 2311 S. 35th St,” according to the article.

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