Champions Use the Inferno Series From New York Brick Oven Co.

For the brave entrepreneurs about to undertake their first business venture–the New York Brick Oven Company salutes you. Breaking away from the traditional JOB (just over broke) requires guts, faith, and dogged determination to overcome the hurdles that lie in the way.

Many people spend an awful lot of time dreaming about starting their own business but very few ever pull the trigger and do it. Once you have decided to break away from the rut of a job and take a chance you need to minimize your risk and make your decision work for you.

Pizza is by no means a complicated subject and can be quite easy to learn under the right circumstance and training.

Brick laying is basic too, but requires a proper technique and practice. Where do you find someone willing to show you a simple easy method of doing this? The guys at the Pizza School of New York have been showing entrepreneurs the ropes for years and have turned out hundreds of successful pizza men and women across the country and across the world from New York to San Francisco and from China to New Zealand. They are world famous for helping giant pizza chains, famous chefs and local home-town heroes who are considered top pizza makers and have been rated the top in their cities. Why are they so successful? Because they care and know the business inside and out.

One-on-one training in the world famous original Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza by World champion pizza men. This is what gives a new pizza man the confidence and understanding to be successful. A genuine working environment brings a deep understanding of not only the process of making pizza from dough to baking, but also allows one the rare glimpse into the inside world of a hugely successful groundbreaking pizza icon that has been a New York favorite for decades.

The other important  aspect of why so many students are successful is understanding the operation of the industry's top brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Co. This oven has helped revolutionize the brick oven pizza world by permitting super fast pizza production while maintaining a consistent product. On top of that, you get an oven that is easy to train on and won't suffer from the dreaded "oven fade" (cold spots from heavy use) because of its world class burner system and patented under floor heating. This one-two punch gives anyone new to pizza a fighting chance at getting a slice of the pie.

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