JD’s Best Gluten-Free Pizza (www.jdsbestglutenfreepizza.com) has begun selling complete, par baked cheese pizzas and crusts. Not a mix or simply a crust, JD’s Best Gluten Free Pizza comes complete with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and is delivered flash-frozen fresh to consumers via overnight shipping.

JD’s Best Gluten-Free Pizza was born when James DeCasperis and his wife developed a gluten free version of his family’s traditional Neapolitan pizza recipe.. The new company is the story of a father and son afflicted with celiac disease, and a family’s search for an answer to satisfy a young boy’s craving for pizza.

Celiac is an autoimmune disease that attacks the body when wheat or gluten, commonly found in many processed foods, is consumed. Just 7 years old when diagnosed, the younger DeCasperis found his new gluten-free diet difficult and isolating. No longer able to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures – pizza – his mom took the family’s traditional Neapolitan pizza recipe and began experimenting with different gluten-free ingredients, mixing methods and baking temperatures. The result was a pizza that people with wheat allergies could enjoy… a gluten-free pizza that actually tasted like real Neapolitan pizza!

After successfully creating what many people have called one of the best gluten free pizzas anywhere, the family decided to offer their pizza for the rest of the world to enjoy. It is available on their website at www.jdsbestglutenfreepizza.com

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