Celebrate National Pizza Month with this art from our readers

During the last weeks of August, the call went out to pizzaioli and artists alike; create the cover of PMQ’s October issue and help us celebrate National Pizza Month! We received numerous entries from far and wide for a chance to win $500 and become the face of this month’s issue, with New York City artist Mike A. winning the grand prize! Submissions included a range of artistic and photographic styles, reflecting the varied nature of pizza itself. Presented here are a few of our other favorites.

Art by Joseph Greene

Art by George Riffle and Ashley Smith Wentzel

Art by Kyna Tek

Art by Lea Barker

Art by Michael Burns

Art by Mike A.

Art by MoJusFamily Pizzeria

Art by Ria Waugh

Art byAndrew Leitzer, aka Soma Art

Art by Taysia Curry