Every day is a holiday, especially here in the United States. Today is no exception: July 15 is the National Gummi Worm Day.

Pizza is universal so naturally, there are gummy worm pizzas out there.  You can even order a box of 48 E.Frutti gummy pizzas from Old Time Candy.

If those two-inch pizzas aren’t enough to satisfy that craving, we can reminiscence on Vat19, a company that specializes in odds-and-ends gifts, making the world’s largest gummy pizza.

The inspiration was simple: they had a gummy pizza and wanted to make it bigger.

Measuring three feet long and two feet wide, the Gigantic Gummy Pizza weighs 28 pounds with five different fruit flavors: orange crust, strawberry-banana or pineapple cheese, citrus banana peppers, green apple olives, and cherry pepperonis. The calorie count on this pie is 34,272 calories! Each slice was approximately 308 servings.

So what happened to that historic pizza? Vat19 surprised a tour group with the Gigantic Gummy Pizza later that week.

They sold the rest of the pizza in large slices for $149.99 which quickly sold out.  When asked by a customer if it would be available again, Vat19 wrote: “Probably not. The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice was a limited-time special offer.”

However, the company does offer regular eight-inch Gummy Pizza for $10.99 a slice and $11.99 for a full pie. You can even order two gummy Coca-Colas to go with!



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