Cause-Related Marketing is an approach used by businesses that believe "people donate to a good cause while they spend money buying your products or services," according to Second Wind, a newsletter published in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Here are some examples of cause related marketing sighted in the Second Wind newsletter:

Second Wind listed the following reasons why CEO's engage in cause-related marketing:

  • 93% say it builds relationships
  • 89% say it enhances overall image
  • 61% say it creates new marketing platforms
  • 54% say it provides a purpose
  • 51% say it diffenentiates products and companies
  • 50% say it increases sales
  • 95% say the company's support of a charitable cause gives their customers a positive image of the company
  • 52% believe their alliance with a cause improved the sales rep's own credibility with the customer
  • 80% say that their company's support for a charitable cause give them confidence when approaching prospects.

Nabisco Animal Crackers and the World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund Panda emblem on their package is now one of the most popular icons. Sales went up 20% in a single year.


Red Lobster Restaurants

This chain created a shark show that they licensed to museums across the country. When people leave the show, the kids get a book about sharks and a coupon meal at the local Red Lobster. In the second year, they used the program to control traffic by limiting the use of coupons to certain nights.


Saturn Dealers


This always-innovative car company connected their brand to improving inner city neighborhoods with better, cleaner and safer parks. They developed a letter and sent it to their database customer list asking for volunteers to help build the parks. In one city, 600 people showed up to work. Playground Volunteer Teams are now being set up across the country.

You don't have to be a major corporation to take advantage of 'cause-related' marketing tactics. Our own company, Street Fighter Marketing, teaches businesses how to help non-profit groups raise money, and in the process get that business more sales. One example used by a small business we consulted was to help a nine-year old girl with cystic fibrosis. A local restaurant had a benefit day for her. Half of the proceeds over normal sales were donated to the family. The manager of this restaurant received support from many area businesses to help promote the event. A press release was sent out on behalf of the family. The day of the event two major TV stations filmed the benefit day, which aired on the six o'clock news. This heavily promoted event raised $2,500 for the family to help cover the costs not covered by insurance. Restaurant sales were up 8% and the increase continued for three months after the event.

Cause-related marketing helps businesses create a great avenue to help their community or neighborhood. By participating and organizing these events, the business has an opportunity to create a positive image and get additional sales. PMQ

Jeff and Marc Slutsky, co-author of five books including StreetFighting. They are executives of Street Fighter Marketing in Columbus, Ohio which specializes in teaching how to promote, market and increase sales without spending a log of money. Jeff and his brother Marc have a variety of audio and video tapes. For further information contact Jeff or Marc at 800(SLUTSKY) 758-8759, 614/337/2233 fax, 476 Waterbury Court, Columbus, OH 43230.