CHESTER, N.J. (Dec. 9, 2010)—CATTLEMEN’S MASTER’S RESERVE™ BBQ Sauces understands the challenges operators face daily and works to help solve those problems through real business solutions, including merchandising kits, training videos, recipes and rebates. Because these challenges are getting tougher, CATTLEMEN’S® is giving up to $10 back on every case of CATTLEMEN’S barbecue sauce purchased from January 1 through April 15.  


“This caliber of promotion has never been done,” said Arti Shah, CATTLEMEN’S senior brand manager. “We want to thank operators for making us number one, so we’re sending out 200,000 rebates to help them to promote BBQ and achieve more profitability.”


Barbecue sauce is growing in popularity on menus around the country with 38 percent of consumers wanting to see more of it. 1 The versatility of the CATTLEMEN’S line is great for the comfort foods consumers crave, and encourages imaginations to run wild with flavors and ethnic influences. As a favorite among dipping sauces, condiments for sandwiches and pizza flavors, barbecue sauces are ranked as fourth among operators’ top-10 most-menued sauces. Take advantage of CATTLEMEN’S CASH—serve BBQ, increase traffic, and drive profits.


For more than 40 years, CATTLEMEN’S is the only brand of barbecue sauce with a full line of authentic regional barbecue sauces. Unmatched in taste and quality, CATTLEMEN’S Master’s Reserve barbecue sauces are made with tomato paste for an exceptionally thick, naturally rich consistency delivering outstanding cling and plate presentation, allowing chefs to add up to one quart of additional ingredients to create their own signature sauces. Made with no starches or fillers, it is available in 8 regional barbecue flavors:


·         Carolina Tangy Gold™ incorporates sweet and tangy mustard with the smoky boldness of barbecue.

·         Memphis Sweet™ has a rich, tangy sweetness finished with a bold blend of spices.

·         Kansas City Classic™ combines the ideal balance of rich, zesty tomato, sweetness and spice, creating perfection for the palate.

·         Mississippi Honey BBQ™ is a sweet and tangy honey-based sauce finished with a touch of smoke.

·         Louisiana Hot and Spicy™ is a full-bodied blend of heat, sweetness and tangy tomato.

·         Kentucky Sweet and Bold™ combines a bold blend of rich sweet molasses, tangy tomato, smoke and spice.

·         St. Louis Original™ is a rich, tangy tomato-based sauce with an even balance of spices and a smooth finish.

·         Texas Smoky™ melds zesty tomato and hickory smoke that is finished with bold, balanced spices.

To request rebate information, recipes or barbecue inspiration for menus, call 1-800-442-4733 or visit .

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