According to a report from, “Hell Pizza is not concerned by a call by a Catholic newspaper to boycott its products in response to a recent condom mail-out.”
The report said, “To promote its Lust pizza, Hell distributed 170,000 condoms, along with explicit instructions on their use, to letterboxes around the country. This prompted hundreds of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled Hell breached standards of decency and social responsibility.”
The article said, “An editorial in the latest edition of NZ Catholic newspaper calls on readers to abstain from purchasing any of the items on the pizza delivery chain’s menu. The editorial said the promotion was more cynical and offensive than a TV campaign because it robbed parents of the chance to stop their children from being exposed by changing the channel.”
According to the article, Kirk MacGibbon of Cinderella Marketing, the firm which handles Hell’s advertising, said that if Catholics decided to boycott Hell Pizza, there wasn’t much Hell could do to stop it.

“I’m not sure how many Catholics buy from Hell, anyway,” MacGibbon said.

In the article, MacGibbon said “the Lust campaign had been hugely successful, and had been a chance for Hell to be controversial while also doing some good.”

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