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Pizza and karate bring community together at Dojo Pizza

Dojo Pizza in St. Louis offers two fun activities for kids—karate and pizza—all at one stop. And then there’s basketball, dance classes, even a chance to make extra money and tips. In other words, this is not your ordinary pizzeria. According to Dojo Pizza founder Loren Copp, the non-profit concept … More

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Boston Pizza changes the pizza marketing game

While celebrating its 50 anniversary, Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza has unveiled its Pizza Game Changers, a marketing campaign that has spread like wildfire through social media, the blogosphere and even the mainstream news media. Customers can vote on their favorite innovations at pizzachangers.com, and Boston Pizza will create … More

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Tribecca Allie wins the first SEC Pizza Championship

Tribecca Allie Café of Sardis, MS won the first annual SEC Pizza Championship held in Oxford, Mississippi during the annual Oxford Craft Beer and Food Festival. Six pizzerias competed from SEC towns. Damian “Dutch” Vanoostendorp, owner of Tribecca Allie Café competed with his specialty wood-fired pizza including ricotta cream, whole … More

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U.S. Pizza Team wins big in Italy

The US Pizza Team had a strong showing at the 23rd Annual World Pizza Championships in Parma, Italy April 7-9, 2014. The US Pizza Team represented the United States with 17 competitors this year, the largest team assembled in recent history. Jamie Culliton of Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Florida was named … More

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Meet the U.S. Pizza Team

The U.S. Pizza Team (USPT) will be returning to Parma, Italy to compete in the 23rd annual World Pizza Championships April 7th-9th. The team will consist of 16 pizzaiolos from Indiana, Kentucky, California, West Virginia, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas and Massachusetts. The World Pizza Championships bring hundreds … More

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St. Louis Pizza Chain Boosts Its Own Minimum Wage

The owner of a pizzeria in St. Louis is getting national recognition for doing what he felt was right: boosting his employees’ starting wages to $10.10 an hour. Pi Pizzeria, a small chain with five stores and a mobile unit in the St. Louis area, plus a sixth store in … More

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Meet the ultimate pizza band: The Pizza Underground

PMQ Pizza Magazine heard the news and immediately had to reach out to Macaulay Culkin’s new band, The Pizza Underground, to talk pizza. The band consists of Culkin on the kazoo, Matt Colbourn on guitar, Deenah Kreutz on the glockenspiel, Deenah Vollmer on the pizza box (yes, the pizza box—we’re … More