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Cheese costs heading down

The Cheddar block price at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as of Wednesday, January 28, 2015, stood at $1.4850 per pound, up one-half cent from last Friday’s block price, but down 83.5 cents from a year ago. The CME Cheddar block price has now been below $1.50 per pound for two … More

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New infographic shows the 2014 pizza industry

quot;Ahh, the humble pizza. So simple and yet so delicious, it's no wonder how it has managed to conquer the globe. Adored by finicky foodies and students alike, it's is the great equalizer of sustenance. There's no shortage of this doughy treat in the US — The pizza restaurant industry landscape is … More

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PMQ Pizza Magazine News Roundup for Oct. 24

Liz Barrett signs her new pizza book in her hometown of Oxford and PMQ releases the new BLT Pretzel crust how-to recipe video.  Pizza boxes can be dangerous for your health and the best pizza in each state! Zagat declares Paulie Gees the best in NYC.  A fire at Jimmy Pop's on opening day may have been intentional and Chicago has the … More

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PMQ Pizza News wrap up for October 17

This chipmunk makes us happy as he works hard to eat his pizza and I bet he would like cheddar even if the scientists don't!  The 50 best college town pizzerias listed and a delivery driver gets $1,268 tip!  Chef quits after being asked to kill possum at pizzeria and breakfast pizza is so hot right now in NYC. Italy is … More